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Friday, January 26, 2024

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City of Berwyn

Berwyn, IL

Robert Lovero


Pledge Summary

The City of Berwyn boasts a population of roughly 58,000 and is located west of Chicago. Originally a swampland, Berwyn is now known as the “City of Homes” and has two park districts, including a butterfly garden. The city also has one of the state’s largest Hispanic communities and recognizes the cultural significance that the monarchs hold for Mexican and Mexican American residents. The City of Berwyn is committed to promoting sustainable practices and initiatives that establish a foundation of conservation efforts for monarch butterflies. TRADUCCIÓN AL ESPAÑOL: La Ciudad de Berwyn tiene una población de aproximadamente 58.000 habitantes y está situada al oeste de Chicago. Berwyn, que originalmente era una zona pantanosa, ahora se conoce como la "Ciudad de los Hogares" y tiene dos distritos de parques, incluido un jardín de mariposas. La ciudad también tiene una de las comunidades hispanas más grandes del estado y reconoce la importancia cultural que las monarcas tienen para los residentes mexicanos y mexicoamericanos. La Ciudad de Berwyn está comprometida a promover prácticas e iniciativas sostenibles que establezcan una base para los esfuerzos de conservación de las mariposas monarca.

Community Spotlight

Action Items Committed for 2024

Communications and Convening

  • Issue a proclamation to raise awareness about the decline of the monarch butterfly and the species’ need for habitat. This proclamation must incorporate a focus on monarch conservation.
  • Engage with city parks and recreation, public works, sustainability, and other relevant staff to identify opportunities to revise and maintain mowing programs and milkweed / native nectar plant planting programs.
  • Engage with gardening leaders and partners (e.g., Master Naturalists, Master Gardeners, Nature Centers, Native Plant Society Chapters , other long-standing and influential community leaders) to support monarch butterfly conservation.

Program and Demonstration Gardens

  • Host or support a native seed or plant sale, giveaway or swap.
  • Plant or maintain a monarch and pollinator-friendly demonstration garden at City Hall or another prominent or culturally significant community location.
  • Earn or maintain recognition for being a wildlife-friendly city by participating in other wildlife and habitat conservation efforts (i.e., National Wildlife Federation’s Community Wildlife Habitat program).
  • Host or support a monarch neighborhood challenge to engage neighborhoods and homeowners' associations within the community to increase awareness, support community unity around a common mission, and/or create habitat for the monarch butterfly.
  • Initiate or support community science (or citizen science) efforts that help monitor monarch migration and health.
  • Add or maintain native milkweed and nectar-producing plants in gardens in the community.
  • Display educational signage at monarch gardens and pollinator habitat.

Systems Change

  • Change weed or mowing ordinances to allow for native prairie and plant habitats.