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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

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City of McKinney

McKinney, TX

George Fuller


Pledge Summary

The City of McKinney is proud to join hundreds of cities across the United States in support of the monarch butterfly and other pollinators by signing the National Wildlife Federation's Mayor's Monarch Pledge. The McKinney Monarch Initiative supports the creation of habitats as the monarchs make their annual 2,500-mile migration to and from their overwintering grounds in Mexico. Together with our partners, we can help create beneficial ecosystems to ensure the future of the monarch butterfly and other pollinators.

Community Spotlight

Action Items Committed for 2022

Communications and Convening

  • Engage with community garden groups and urge them to plant native milkweeds and nectar-producing plants.
  • Launch or maintain a public communication effort to encourage residents to plant monarch gardens at their homes or in their neighborhoods. (If you have community members who speak a language other than English, we encourage you to also communicate in that language; Champion Pledges must communicate in that language.)

Program and Demonstration Gardens

  • Display educational signage at monarch gardens and pollinator habitat.